Soft Bristle Beard Brush

Hand-finished Soft Bristle Beard Brush




  • Maple wood handle
  • Medium-SOFT bristle
  • 100% Natural Boar's bristle
  • Arched bristle design for efficient brush stroke
  • One-of-a-kind wood-grain texture per brush
  • Dimensions: 4.5"L x 2.5"W (fits comfortably in hand)




  • NEW CURVED ARCHITECTURE BRISTLE -- designed to conform to face and provide a gentle grip with each stroke.
  • IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN -- Gentle strokes of the softer bristle are ideal for close cut beards and sensitive skin.


  • NATURAL CONDITIONER -- Natural Boar bristles carry small amounts of our sebum from our scalp to the end of our hair shafts, thus working as a natural conditioner. With the new season at hand, we will be producing more sebum, and curly hair may not receive a full lubricating dose without assistance from a Boar brush stroke.


  • THOROUGH APPLICATOR -- The bristles used in our brush were installed at different lengths per strand to help thoroughly distribute your beard product into your beard and beneath your beard into your skin.


  • TRAINS HAIR -- The brush strokes will help to train your beard. No need to be rough nor overuse. Be gentle and let the tool do its job.


  • PARTNER WITH COMB -- Brush strokes create a different style outcome from your comb and pick, but they work well together. Our brush will reach those hard to groom places (like under your chin in the corner), especially for shorter beards. Use your comb first for thorough detangling if needed, then follow with our brush to train and condition. If the picked-out look is desired, finish with your pick.

We've added to our Beard Brush line! This hand-crafted alternative was designed for the bearded gentleman with a less coarse hair texture, those with extra sensitive skin, and those who keep their beard trimmed low. The natural bristles on this brush are "medium-SOFT," with a curved architecture designed to conform to the face and provide a gentle grip with each stroke.

Reg. Price: $40

Nature Boy


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