To Thine Own Beard Be True!


At some point in our journey from bare face to beard face, we’ve caught ourselves comparing our beard to others. Though it is great to be inspired by a grand beard, we have to remember that we are all built different. Some of us have thin facial hair, while others will come in full and thick. As long as we remember to groom properly and focus on our own process, in time our individual style will reveal itself. Own YOUR Beard!

When should I use beard oil?


Applying beard oil works best just after a shower, while your skin is still warm and hair is slightly damp. Your pores are still open and your hair is still soft. Make sure your facial hair is not drenched. This makes it harder for the oil to do its job.



How much beard oil should I use?


We recommend starting with a dime-sized amount, then gauging what works for you from there. Also, it does smell good, so if you feel the desire to add a second thinner layer, that is okay as well. With consistent use and proper hair care, you will begin to notice a difference in the softness and health of your beard.



How often should I wash my beard?


For starters, it is important to know that washing your beard on a daily basis can dry your hair out! This process (especially when using most commercial sulfate-infused shampoos designed for head hair and scalp) strips the hair of its natural oils.


Every man's lifestyle and environment is different, so there is no "one answer" for how often you should wash your beard. We recommend washing your beard once a week...twice if you absolutely must. Also, performing a conditioner-only wash (or “co-wash”) is a good in-between cleansing process you can do throughout the week that won't strip your beard like shampoo.




More Grooming Tips


Brush or comb your beard daily. If you don't tame it, it just might run wild!


Be thorough. Brush or comb your hair right after applying beard oil. This also helps to evenly distribute the oil you massage into your beard and skin. Don't neglect areas you can't see (under your chin and along the jawline).


Keep a separate brush and comb for your beard! For those who use hair styling grease, it is a good idea to keep separate grooming tools for your beard. Hair brushes get can dirty fast and you'll want to be sure you aren't applying the products used on top of your head into your beard.


When it comes to trimming and shaping your beard, we recommend investing in a set of good electric clippers, at least for mild touch ups. Leave the serious work to your barber, but it is good to have a pair on hand in case you need to line up your mustache, shape the edges of your beard or clean up around the outer edges of the beard line. We all know how fast that barber preciseness starts to fade.