Night Beard Grooming Routine

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Probably the most underrated and unspoken about part of the beard journey. Just as the du-rag before bed is to the wavers journey, night grooming routines also play a prominent part in the health & maintenance of your beard. It is also key to note that these regimens can be adjusted and customized most to fit your level of comfort. Below is our recommendation, assuming you had a thorough morning routine.


Shadows & Stubble

Step A

  1. Wet beard with warm damp cloth, or spray with water. (Post-shower dampness is sufficient as well).
  2. Pat dry excessive moisture with cotton t-shirt, soft cotton towel, or micro-fiber towel.
  3. While beard is still slightly damp, apply dime/nickel-sized amount of Beard Oil into your hands, rub together and apply thoroughly to beard. Be sure to massage skin with fingertips to work natural oil into the skin layer. This will help prevent excessive dryness and itch.


    Closer-trimmed beards:

    Step B:

    1. Apply #1 & 2 of Step A.
    2. Use a more generous amount of Beard Oil, as this will likely be the only product you need to apply. If you choose to use Beard Balm and Beard Conditioner, use a very light amount, and apply in the same order as morning routine (Conditioner > Oil > Balm).
    3. Brush thoroughly with one of our natural bristle Beard Brushes. (Synthetic bristle can be very harsh on your face & facial hair.)


    Full beards:

    Step C:

    1. Dampen beard as mentioned above.
    2. Every other night, apply a very light coat of our leave-in Beard Conditioner.
    3. Apply a generous coat of beard oil, as mentioned in step B.
    4. Every other night, apply a very light coat of our Beard Balm.
    5. Brush briefly if desired, and comb carefully to undo any tangles. When combing, remember that the goal is NOT TO STYLE YOUR BEARD, but only to detangle. With this in mind, keep combing to a minimum just to meet the needs of the night routine.


    Remember, the primary purpose of the night routine is nourishment and reducing chances of dryness during sleep. Applying balm and conditioner is great, but it can speed up chances of product build-up, whereas our lightweight Beard Oil can be applied excessively. 
    Gauge and adjust your usage according to what works best for your hair type and needs. The good thing about natural products is, there is no wrong way. As long as you show up daily/nightly for your process, you will naturally grow into your rhythm of what works for you.
      *Tip: Covering Your beard at night with our “Double Wave-cap technique” can help keep beard protected and reduce the stripping of oils from your beard overnight.
      Also, be sure to read up on our MORNING ROUTINE in our post prior.
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