Feeling FRESH before stepping out to take on the world adds energy and confidence to a man’s day.
We exist to contribute to his daily rejuvenation through quality grooming products, inspired by Nature.
Our focus is facial hair and skin, composed of natural ingredients that heal, soften and smell great.

How it all started..

"The journey began in late 2014, with a desire to create an all-natural product for my scruffy beard. As I began to let my facial hair grow and appreciate the look, I realized that it would require more care and grooming than just a quick few strokes of the hairbrush. Seeking to tame the wild hair on my face, I visited a beauty supply store and inquired about hair products for beards. Unfortunately, they had no such product.
After visiting other stores with no luck, I ended up looking through my girlfriend’s old products and used what seemed to be the best and the least heavy on my face. This kind of did the job, until it either started to itch in the sunlight or get flaky. So what’d I do? I started washing my beard daily. Another mistake... This stripped my hair of its natural oils, which gave me the “burlap beard,” as my former co-worker once described it. The struggle was indeed, real.
A few months down the line, I began to notice my girlfriend using coconut oil in her hair. Her process opened my eyes to the DIY approach…it then dawned on me that I should just create my own product. From there, I started researching and talking to my barber. I read about carrier oils and butters, and educated myself on other types of oils, such as fragrance and essential oils.
I carefully selected the plant-based oils that I felt would help me create a beard serum that seemed scarce in my part of town. I chose my oils based on their benefits for hair and skin nourishment, and those less dense for easy absorption. I also decided to remove fragrance oils from my concoctions, because they are synthetic and unnatural.
2015 consisted of lots of mixing, testing and free samples. I eventually crafted the oil serum that was exactly what I was looking for. It made my hair softer, it looked healthy with a soft sheen, and had a subtle scent that wasn’t overbearing or clashing with cologne. Beard Oil No. 1 was born. This inspired the designing process of more products. Today, our family-operated business supplies a full natural beard-grooming line for bearded men of all types."

The name Nature Boy represents my life-long love of the outdoors, and my advocacy for utilizing natural elements to care for our hair and skin.
-Jacob Quetant
owner, founder & chief artisan
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