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“My crown. It’s a source of pride & confidence. It’s my statement. At work, I’m “the dude with the big beard.” My beard is some people’s #goals.”

A. A. Ron - @kingjafijofer


“A consistent reminder that if I am true to what I am doing, success will follow.”

Jamal Boyd - @jamalbyd


“Patience, care and understanding. I remember working with a guy that had a killer beard and asked him about growing his beard. Man, it felt like joining a brotherhood, lol. I used to grow it out of laziness, but after that talk … changed everything. 

Dominic Horne - @iamdominichorne


“I spent 24 years in the U.S. Air Force starting at 19 years old, so facial hair for me at 45 represents freedom.”

Marcus Johnson - @mackj1973

"How to keep your Comb clean."

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