NATURE BOY Beard Oil No. 1 - 2Pack (no boxed packaging)

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Stock up on your beard care essentials & grab two unboxed Beard Oils for a discounted price. This option saves you a few bucks on your beard care product, avoids double shipping fees, & helps the environment w/ less packaging waste. Can't go wrong!

Our signature non-greasy blend for men’s facial hair. Created with a mix of natural plant-based oils specifically chosen to restore strength, shine and softness to the beard. The scent was carefully crafted to give a refreshing smell to a man’s face, without overpowering and clashing with his cologne. 

All Natural. No synthetic fragrance. No preservatives. No alcohol or mineral oil.

1 fl oz (30ml) each.



Grapeseed Oil

  • Rich in vitamin E (boosts skin cell production)
  • Promotes hair growth and protects against moisture loss

Macadamia Oil

  • Replenishes hair follicles
  • Rejuvenates and strengthens rough and dry hair

Argan Oil

  • Lightweight oil, rich in vitamins E and A, antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid 

Jojoba Oil

  • Almost identical to the natural oil our human skin produces to lubricate our hair and skin
  • Dissolves blockades in hair follicles and promotes developments of new hair cells

Coconut Oil

  • Binds to the natural protein structure of the hair, helping retain its natural moisture content and reinforces the hair fiber, making it stronger
  • Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that give the oil the ability of protecting your scalp against dandruff and lice


  • Natural scent of the ingredients above, and our essential oil blend.



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