NATURE BOY Fisherman's Beanie - Olive Green

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*This is a snug fit & slightly smaller beanie than our Classic iii beanie.

Also known traditionally as the "Watch Cap," our alternate style to our beanie line this season features this versatile hat with a stylist touch.

We've hand-stitched our fine leather patch around the cuffed lip of the beanie, making it a multi-styled head piece that can be worn cuffed, or un-cuffed & loose.

Cuffed style fits the head like a traditional skull cap. The un-cuffed style makes the beanie looser at the top.

Material: Soft Acrylic knit

Color: Olive Green w/ Bourbon brown leather patch

*Note: Just as with wood, our natural leather patches may slightly vary in color/texture, as no two pieces are identical.

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